3D Printing

I finally decided it was time to buy a 3D printer… and it has been a learning experience. I bought a Creality Ender 3 v2, 4.2.7 MB, CR Touch “auto” leveling sensor and a filament runout sensor. I tried doing my own firmware compilation, but apparently I haven’t found quite the correct settings. After playing with the stock firmware. I finally have the magic Z offset figured out and am getting consistent prints with the PLA they sent with the printer. I ordered 2 reels of Hatchbox PLA, 1 Overture PLA and 1 Tecbear PLA based on recommendations from other sites for the Ender 3 series. So far I have only had 2 reliable prints from the Hatchobx PLA out of 30.

The Overture took a bit to dial in, but is printing well. Once these prints are done, I’ll pull out the Tecbear for some test prints.

The Hatchbox seemed to do better at 210/65. The Overture is doing good at 200/50. I need to spend more time with the Hatchbox to dial it in. When it does print, it prints very nicely.

I also learned the hard way you have to wash and keep your glass plates clean… old filament and finger oils cause all sorts of first layer attachment issues.

Hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll figure everything out and start getting consistent output, especially since I have a particularly large print waiting I designed in FreeCAD… and wasting 1 1/2 days per print to not have it turn out would not be fun.

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