My primary laptop is offline, so updates might be a bit slow. I’m hoping to have it rebuilt over the next 48 hours as I work off of my secondary system. The Windows 21H1 update started causing a large loss of disk space over the past week or so. That machine had been stable for months and suddenly started losing Gigs of disk space even though the only updates had been to Wireshark (which only uses a few MBs) and my text editor… My other machines that updated to 21H1 seem to be ok, so I’m in the process of moving 500GB+ of data around and rebuilding it from scratch, rather than restoring my last backup.

Plague, Inc.

If you’ve never played Plague, Inc… I highly recommend it. My record to infect and kill off everyone on earth with a bio-weaponized virus is now less than 18 months (and I did start that one in China)… It is a semi-realistic simulation of how things spread once introduced to the population in various regions and then mutates. It can be a bit scary to watch it spread, but you can play both sides… those who want to infect everyone and those who want to stop it. If nothing else, it might open your eyes to what could have happened if Fauci and the Wuhan lab had made it more deadly.

How is defunding working out for you?

I’m so glad “defund the police” is working all over the country… shootings are up and no level of additional gun control will fix peoples willingness to perform evil tasks. You can pass 1,000 new gun controls laws, but no criminal who is willing to disrespect “Thou shalt not kill” is going to obey them. It just makes more things you can charge them with after someone has already been killed. It doesn’t save a single life.

Fund the police and treat them with the respect they deserve. They put themselves on the line with every call they go to. Let honest working people defend themselves until the police can get there, because as much as I respect LEO, they are NOT the first line of defense.

Range Time

Got to finally hit the long range with the rifle I built… there are few things that make me feel like a kid again, but hitting a 300 yard target on the first shot did the trick.