Loving Life

It’s been 10 months with my new job… hanging out with some absolutely fabulous people and making a lot of changes for the better. A few months ago I got to visit Europe and visit the mothership in Germany. It was much needed time away, making progress on a global level for the company and some great personal time exploring castles and other landmarks I would normally never have the opportunity to see.

When life presents you with a fork in the road, never be afraid to take the road less traveled and push forward. You’ll never know what you can learn and what you can provide assistance with if you do not try.

VB.NET, WPF & Custom Menu Shortcuts

Add the custom command as a reference under the Window definition in the XAML file:

  <RoutedUICommand x:Key="Find_Again" Text="Process" />

Add a key binding to associate a key sequence with the command:

  <KeyBinding Key="F3" Command="{StaticResource Find_Again}"/>

Add a command binding to configure the action to take when the key binding is used:

  <CommandBinding Command="{StaticResource Find_Again}" Executed="Find_Again_Menu_Item_Click"/>

Finally, configure the menu item to reference the command binding as well:

<MenuItem x:Name="Find_Again_Menu_Item" Header="Find_Again" Command="{StaticResource Find_Again}" InputGestureText="F3"/>

NOTE: When using a command parameter with an object, do not create a handler event or it will get executed twice, once by the command binding and again by the handler.

For example, with the code above, do not construct a sub with a handle like this:

Private Sub Find_Again_Menu_Item_Click(sender As Object, e As RoutedEventArgs) Handles Find_Again_Menu_Item.Click

Instead, just create the sub to handle the action:

Private Sub Find_Again_Menu_Item_Click(sender As Object, e As RoutedEventArgs)



ApplicationCommands Class
NavigationCommands Class
MediaCommands Class
EditingCommands Class
ComponentCommands Class

One more “want” item built and ready to test

I sold my Kawasaki and spent that money to build my first AR-15. I’m extremely happy with how it turned out. Now I have to find some range time to get everything sighted in. I’m thinking irons at 50 yards, scope at 100 yards and laser at 25 yards (Lasers on an AR-15 aren’t that useful… but they do have a nice intimidation factor on anyone who might break into my home).

Palmetto State Armory lower
BCM 14.5 mid length cold hammer forged upper w/Centurion Arms C4 handguards and pinned BCM Gunfighter compensator Mod 1
BCM Full Auto BCG
BCM Gunfighter charging handle
Geissele SSA 2-stage trigger
Magpul MIAD, CTR, AFG2, and enhanced trigger guard
Noveske QD end plate
Troy M4 front and rear folding sights
Streamlight TLR-2G Tac light/Green laser
Vortex Viper PST 1-4×24 TMCQ/MOA scope

AR-15 Left

AR-15 Right

TWC… What a Bunch of Maroons

I’m moving to North Carolina in the next few weeks, so I hit up Time Warner Cable’s website to setup service at our new address, submitted payment, set up the appointment date and thought all was well.

Monday I get a call from TWC saying there’s a problem… they can’t find my address in their system. Funny how they can’t find a house in a subdivision that’s existed for over 3 years. So now they have to send out an engineer to see if they can get cable to the house. Ok… arrangements are made, life is good after wanting to bang my head against the wall on the phone for 36 minutes.

Wednesday, I get an email to call or they will cancel the order. I call them, and it takes them 20 minutes on the phone to tell me that the payment didn’t go through. I call the credit card company to find out what’s up, and they did their job. They thought it was a fraudulent transaction and stopped it. I cleared it with them, they got TWC on the phone and the payment went through.

Shortly after that, I get an email that my appointment is cancelled. So I try to log onto their website to check my account. It’s my first time there, so I have to do the usual registration stuff. But it won’t let me. It doesn’t like my phone number, zip code or TWC account number. Doh!

To make things more fun, as a part of their registration process, they verify your email address. Unless I’m mistaken, Time Warner used to be AOL Time Warner before they spun all their entities off, so why is TWC blocked by AOL? My head hurts.